Share your solution about mig33 with us

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Share your solution about mig33 with us

Post by diyar-iraq on Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:56 am

Let's go and share our ideas and solutions developed about mig33
Then comment by the good and bad information

+ Security login mig33

This it's very important to start topic, to development login more security by add (enter code) with enter username and password by this can close gaps to program password find,

for more elicitation look to picture

Else look delete option □Automatically login {this option I thing is overbid asking}.

+ Supplemental language support system mig33

Support mig33 much language from root into:-
- Web site .
- Wap site
- Content File mi33 {main, profile, mig33 merchant, mig33 community etc} .
I tell why most do it because mig33 is global (this from team mig33) to that user's can and understand use easy get best. For placard from necessity groan to be owned user language(If the support of the Arabic language and can easily learn the many other languages such as Farsi, Urdu ... Etc.)

+ More Option Groups chat

What kind problem in group chats?? Some
- If make group chat much invitation in a way get some invite is ignore, like misbehaving in group or for disturb user's by some annoyer. So can add option □Stop or □Kick user? (but is free and never any one have power kick live I mean administrator or team none have power just vote) .

+ Administration

a. According to the division managers:-

<Team mig33>.. (Take for staff mig33 and also they control system) .

< Inspection Country> (-selection by station need from<Team mig33>, not important all country just to necessity,
.. - to share information and carefully between < Team mig33 > and <administrator room> .

<Administrator Room> (That automatically be an administrator by to own room I mean to whom creator room for Example :
I create room IRAQI in this time I have power administrator for this room just) .

<Owner> .. (That selections from <Administrator Room> have power just in this select and can be many people to take place <Administrator Room> ) .

b. Target kick is:-

<Team mig33> can kick {<Inspection Country>, <Administrator Room>, <Owner>, <Normal User>} .
< Inspection Country>..can kick {<Administrator Room>, <Owner>, <Normal User>} .
<Administrator Room>..can kick {<Owner>, <Normal User>} .
<Owner>..can kick {<Normal User>}.
<Normal User> ..can kick {<Normal User> via vote}.

+ Preference IP:-

International network protocol (IP) why not uses this service in:-
a. Article to ban Multi-kicker.
b. For ban user misbehaving {ban ID's with IP for user misbehaving}.
c. Add new term in the terms mig33 for register (item is use server mig33 be safe in any risky by attack hack or etc by IP hidden).

d. Ignore repeat ID's join chat room, show massage (unable join chat room, already you in chat room by other id ) .

+Option "mig33 world"

Development this option for many server is insert:-

- E-Mail (Delete option mail in main and add "mail" in option "mig33 world") .
- Forum (makes from mig33 and control from Team mig33 with Administrator).
- Update (delete option "update from main and add this in option "mig33 world") .

+Service Mail

If come to true e-mail have many risky in future like (bomb mail ...Etc)
And development more option like:
-Block Mail **** -Move to **** -Folder

- Block Mail: To block mail not just block user.
- Move To: To save e-mail favorites in Folder.
- Folder: To save e-mail favorites by many part.

And near and add some option in windows inbox is:-

- Determining mail.
- Add option selected.

For more elicitation look to picture:-

+mig33 by Symbian OS

Symbian is famous by system easy use, mig33 Symbian is very good because can't hung in time use and can't phone freeze by flood or code freeze and other, I think them things can't effect on Symbian.

+ Option "write" and "back"

Change place between option "write" and "back" for more soft and fast use.

For more elicitation look to picture:-

+Emoticon mig33

Day after day mig33 update new emoticon but there some more wonderful is make emoticon for locomote " Gif" I thing this support with Symbian .

+Size font mig33

Can size font your mig33 by application "Psiloc Font Magnifier" this application to can edit size font your phone in this time with mig33(this just for Symbian OS 9).

For download link:


= Comment =
- For "enter code" from eschewing bad is making slow mig33 in time login.

- No more to post for selection or post about this good or bad administrator because this time shall discord between them to best for user's joining like forums.

- For "IP" can stop price %70 abuser without to back for long time, by phone is hard to back just via mig33 unbanned, and for computer right there are trick to change IP but not famous for all know.

- For ignore join repeat believe me can stop all multi-kicker and for ever and succcess %100

Note: this topic for solve and found solution to risk not more.

Thank you to all
Good luck and Good time for all


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Re: Share your solution about mig33 with us

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:44 am

I just Thanks for Ur share diyar my bro,, Happy Happy :dadah:


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Re: Share your solution about mig33 with us

Post by fiuitz on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:16 pm

Wew. That s great great explanation my bro iraqi Mad
But i think if users have power to administrate their own room, every users will create their personal room n invite ppl to join it. Then popular rooms will lose their regular users.
Then can we trust rooms' owner to not misuse their power??
Thx bro.

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Re: Share your solution about mig33 with us

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