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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:31 pm

Adzie_2306 wrote:Kalo yg ini update FMPCv102final

FMPC WiTH Mini PrO,s Screenhunter01jan300206kf9

What's New:

-New "OPTION" Tab added

-No more Stuck E/G (enter/get) button, you can release the stucked Enter/Get by clicking "KClear" Button or just wait up to 30 seconds, and it will be back to normal (I hope)....

-Button "GET" eliminated, I decided to make it integrated with Enter button (Beta).

-Save your text, and send it with 1 selected migpro, so you'll be able to reply chat without have to send text with all of your migpros.

-Target kick backup (Beta), when you execute a kick, the target ID will show up in the Text box, that way you'll know, who is your last victim.

-Kick Button, to prevent the disfunctionality of Autolist when your connection is bad, and the target list isnt load into the box, you still can kick manually, just type the target ID in the text box (where you usually type the text to send), and click the kick button. this way you can always execute a kick without the list.

-better Save/Load feature, I'm using window's Save/Load dialog box to perform any Save/Load activity, so you dont have to remember any multi set you have. just remember where you put the data (the default is in the dat folder).

-more Real time list retriever. Everytime you click the "Ent/Gt" (enter/get) button, the retriever start to work in the backgroud. you wont be able see the process, but its there. no matter which Migpro which receive the data, the list will always updated (it always have to FMPC01 which have to receive the data in the previous version, and its lacks of accuracy)

-new medicine, maybe will bring new contra indication. I hope there wont be any serious bugs in this version. but if there any bug, please give me your reports.

-since I'm using the "Retriever", maybe it will consumes more memory, because it will run in the background every time "Ent/Gt" button clicked. but so far, its only run for a few seconds untill the data retrieved. and if the data retrieved, all of the migpros will show the "RETRIEVED!!!" text.

-new arranged buttons in the ACTION tab


[/size] :shy:


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FMPC WiTH Mini PrO,s Empty Re: FMPC WiTH Mini PrO,s

Post by candra.morelo on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:20 am

iyah bro secara tampilan sama, tapi yang bikin beda migpronya lebih kecil dari versi lama. thx yah

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